Toeniskoetter Celebrates 40 Years in Business: A Look Back at How it All Began

Posted by Lisa Lemoin
Dec 13, 2023


It was an idea born in 1983. Chuck Toeniskoetter and Dan Breeding were working for industry giant Carl Swenson, Chuck managing corporate projects and Dan working as a building superintendent. “There was one area of business that I had noticed was extremely profitable and seemed to grow like a weed: tenant improvements and interior construction,” Chuck recalls. “We thought we could break away and be successful on our own.”


They did just that, and Toeniskoetter & Breeding was born: TBI Construction was launched in February of 1983 and TBI Development two months later. The two-company structure created a synergy between the development and construction worlds, enabling TBI to control costs, set a high mark for quality, and maintain a healthy balance between short-term and long-term goals.


Another key addition in those early days was a young man Chuck had hired at Swenson right out of college. When he contacted Chuck early in 1983 to say he was now leaving the company and to ask for recommendations, Chuck had an idea: “I suggested he might consider being the lead guy at our new operation.” Brad Krouskup decided to take that chance, and today he is CEO of Toeniskoetter Development.


Over the years, Toeniskoetter has developed millions of square feet of real estate. From bustling business parks in Morgan Hill to high-tech labs and medical facilities in San Jose and Scotts Valley, from historic restoration and earthquake repair to specialized museum installations and capital improvement projects, Toeniskoetter has made its mark across Silicon Valley, earning awards and special recognition along the way. Our business has evolved, too: we became Toeniskoetter Development in 2004 when Chuck bought Dan out after Dan retired; Toeniskoetter Construction made its debut in 2008. We’ve also added property management and a small-projects group to our portfolio of services.


Toeniskoetter is proud to look back on four decades of success, but its focus remains firmly on the future. Two years ago, Adam Toeniskoetter and Megan Toeniskoetter purchased Toeniskoetter Construction, along with fellow executive Taylor Nordberg. The new team takes over at a time when the commercial real estate business is undergoing a metamorphosis. “How office spaces look and are used will be different for every company,” says Adam. “We’re ready to make the most of these opportunities.” Megan adds, “Toeniskoetter employees take pride in doing quality work, go the extra mile to support each other, and operate with integrity, honor, and respect. I’m confident that, together, we will continue to do great things.”

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