Meet Toeniskoetter's Property Management Team

Posted by Megan Toeniskoetter
Jan 12, 2021


You know Toeniskoetter as one of Silicon Valley’s premier commercial development and construction companies. Now expand that vision: With 33 properties across the South Bay and Santa Cruz covering nearly two million square feet, Toeniskoetter is also a growing property management company. 

Overseeing that vast network falls to Toeniskoetter’s Property Management team, a small but effective group of property managers and field superintendents who ensure that properties that gleam, and leasing operations run like clockwork. Leading the team is Erin Toeniskoetter, a 20- year veteran of the company who began her career overseeing the properties at Madrone Business Park in Morgan Hill, which were just being built. 

Today, Erin shares property management duties with Christi Agundes and Anita Haws. They are supported by three field superintendents, who are on-site daily and respond directly to tenants so any issues can be addressed right away. “It’s an extremely efficient arrangement and one of the things that sets us apart,” says Erin. Christi, a property management veteran who joined Toeniskoetter ten years ago, agrees. “It’s what allows just three of us to be able to manage 33 properties.”

The growing portfolio of properties includes those that Toeniskoetter has developed and built itself, along with new acquisitions and third-party arrangements -- buildings that are owned by others but managed by Toeniskoetter. “We want our partnerships to be successful, so we’re thoughtful about who we work with,” Erin explains. “But we’re always looking for new opportunities.”

While property acquisitions are part of the team’s growth plan, third-party arrangements currently make up roughly half of the property management portfolio. Toeniskoetter provides a full range of property management services for its clients, including leasing, marketing, tenant improvements, and lease administration. Says Erin, “Each owner has their own unique needs and style of doing things. Having a wide offering of property management services lets us tailor a program to those specific needs.” 

A key to success is personal relationships. “We try to divide our property list regionally,” says Christi, “but more important is maintaining an existing relationship with our owners. We want them to feel like they are working with someone who understands their needs and has their best interests at heart.” 

This small but mighty team is the best Toeniskoetter has ever had, says Erin. Anita, who joined the team this year, says it feels like an extension of family. “Everyone is close here, and we take a great deal of pride in what we do; it’s not just an 8-to-5 job.” 

An up-and-coming part of Toeniskoetter’s property management portfolio is self-storage, a sector that Christi oversees. “Managing self-storage is a different ball game,” she notes. “It has its own unique system of budgeting, for example, and collections in smaller dollar amounts can sometimes be a challenge.” The company remains bullish on self-storage, however, with Cochrane Road Self Storage in Morgan Hill, Little Orchard Self Storage in San Jose, and a state-of-the-art self-storage complex soon to begin construction in Silver Creek.

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